Wednesday, 12 December 2012

I've not gone

Just checking in to say I havent gone completely - still hoping when time allows to continue with this blog, plenty of material and notes to chat about yet... Only today I was reading about the benefits of Himalayan Salt, we use that now in our cooking and on the 'occasional' chip.

However, I doubt it will be this year.  I have a new purpose these days as a carer so my time is limited at the moment.  As if that was not enough one of my dogs has been very poorly too, there was talk of kidney failure at the vets last week and this week that was looking likely, just as I was about to do the kindest thing for my beloved girl my supervet returned from his holidays and gave us one last thing to try, ta daaaaaaaaaaa it worked!  Well, it has for now.. how long we have left with our old girl is anybodies guess, but the main thing now is she is happy and painfree so while this continue's all is well.

The painting has had to take a back seat too, which is  a shame as I was trying for the local exhibition next year, probably wont make that now..never mind always another year all being well.  I do still scribble in my art journal most days, so I keep up the practice work and do plenty of ink doodles as they can be done anywhere.

I still havent got to meet my 'happy pigs' this is something I would like to do next year too.  I see the local supermarket is now selling quite a few different Organic Meats which is good, just a shame they are so pricey, there is no need for this just usual greed from large organisations.  The meats I buy from my local Organic Farm are sometimes a few pence more than the butchers, and I know were they are from and how they lived.  Manic Organic (see link on right of page) are now selling their own Organic Pickle which is highly recommended, we purchased the 'Chilli Jam' at weekend, there are a few different flavours.

Enough from me now, I was meant to be just putting in an update and explanation.  If I dont manage to get here again this year have a fabulous Christmas and do enjoy spending time with your loved ones, we dont know how long we will have them and every day counts.